About Lake Country Judo Club

The Lake Country Judo Club has been active in Lake Country / Winfield, British Columbia since 1981. Founded by Sensei Bob Griechen (Black Belt 5th degree) the club is currently run by his son Keith Griechen (Black Belt 3rd Degree in Judo and Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). The club has a junior ( 6 - 12 yrs old )and senior class ( 13 up ).

Sensei Keith Griechen ( Black Belt 3rd Degree ) and Chris Smiley (Black Belt 2nd Degree) perform a quick demonstration

Judo is a life long journey

These are two pictures of Bob and Keith that show a Judo demonstration 34 years ago. Sensei is on the side of the mat with the mega-phone ( like he needs it! ) and Sensei Keith is ready to fight on the left hand side.

Sensei Keith performing his favorite throw – Seoi-nage.

We are located at 11888 Mcgowan Rd #A, Winfield, British Columbia

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Keith Griechen, Sandan ( 3rd degree black belt ) - Sensei
(250) 878-1673



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